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Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to receive my order?

This will depend on the type and quantity of your order and existing stock levels. As not all items are kept stocked in large quantities, items may need to be printed once your order is received. While most items can be printed and ready for shipping within 24 hours, larger orders may take additional time for further printing. If a delay is expected, one of our representatives will be in contact to confirm expected turnaround times.

What is the process for a custom model?

Once your request for a custom quote is submitted, our team will be in touch with you shortly to confirm any additional details and a rough design and quote will be provided. This ensures we can print what you need (as there are some technical limitations) and that you are happy with the general design before you hand over a dollar. If you are happy to proceed and pay the deposit amount, we will go ahead and begin the full design process. Once completed we will provide you with a digital copy where you can make any changes or amendments to the design. Once returned we will finalise the design and print your product. If you require any additional services such as priming or painting these can also be provided. Once the model is complete and payment has been provided, your model will be sent.

How are the models made?

Models are designed in a computer-aided design (CAD) application and printed on either a fused deposition modelling (FDM) or digital light projector (DLP) printer depending on the type of part being printed. Models are then sanded or cut to remove any imperfections and, in some cases; painted, decaled and lacquered depending on the final product.

Can stock be provided for retail stores?

Yes, please contact us to provide specifics of what may be required.

How are models priced?

We always endeavour to provide you with the fairest price for all of our models. All aspects of the manufacturing process are completed by us in Queensland, Australia and there are various factors that may impact the cost of specific models.

Volume: The amount of material required printing the model, including the printing supports.

Post processing: All models require a level of manual post processing to ensure a high quality end product. This involves manually removing support materials and cleaning to remove unwanted material.

Finish: The final finish applied to the model often requires substantial, manual work such as undercoating, painting, printing and applying decals and sealing if required. Many of these are optional and if applied may increase the price of your purchase.

Technology: The type of printing technology used for the model also impacts the costs due to printing and post processing times as well as the cost of printing materials required.

What types of models and tiny worlds do you design and print for?

Anything! We have printed for many different industries, themes and purposes. Feel free to check out our work to see what we've been up to. If you can dream it, we can print it.

What shipping options are available?

We are located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and at this stage only ship within Australia via Australia Post. If you like what we do and are interested in purchasing from outside of Australia please contact us with your location and we can may be able to provide a shipping quote.

Shipping within Australia is free!